“The therapists were excellent. They made me feel safe and comfortable.” - Carolyn Marcon

The flu left Carolyn Marcon very weak and unable to take care of herself.


Thankfully, Heritage Health Care Center in Globe, Arizona, was able to help her recover her strength after the illness.


Marcon came to Heritage Health Care Center on Jan. 3, 2018, needing some assistance with her bed mobility, bathing and dressing, and requiring supervision with walking, getting in and out of bed and managing other self-care and grooming tasks.


“Going to Heritage was the best decision I ever made,” said Marcon. “The therapists were excellent. They made me feel safe and comfortable. Going there allowed me the time to get well.”


Occupational therapists focused on helping Marcon be able to take care of herself and continue her daily routines again. Physical therapists addressed her mobility, from walking to transferring from one surface to another to balance.


On Feb. 13, Marcon returned home fully independent in her mobility and self-care.